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Calendar of Events 2017


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017...

Tues. 17th.


Tues. 21st.

Sat. 18th.



Tues. 18th.

Board meeting: 6:45
Gereral meeting: 7:00

Project by Lisa Schall – Kaleidoscope Stroke Work Angels on ½" Acrylic Marbles

(Sorry for the bad lighting on the photo!!)

Saturday 20 th.

Meeting will start at 10 AM

Project by Lisa Schall – Ferguson Frog Wine Glass

project to be taught by Lisa Schall
Please be sure to join us for this very fun project!


Tues. 20th.

Board meeting: 6:45
General meeting: 7:00

Project by Cathy McCaughey - Dandelion T-shirt

Project to be taught by Cathy McC.


Sat. 15th......approx. noon

No regular meeting this month.  Annual BBQ to be held at Loretta's in Petaluma.
Good food, good friends...a very pleasant day!
Hope to see you all there.

Sat. 26th.

Annual BUNKO event
Our fund raiser for the year. Always a fun day. Please try to join us!


Sat. 9th.
Meeting to start at approx. 10 AM

Project by Jann Otvos – Turkey on Pumpkin on Shirt, Canvas Bag, etc.

Project that Jann O. will be teaching
Here is what Jann has to say about the project:
The pattern is an adaptation of a Janice Miller design.  Janice is requiring that we purchase patterns from her, so the estimated cost of the project is $12.00 which will include the pattern, directions, photos, an IDenti Pen and fabric paint.  Painters are to supply their own surface.  My turkey is painted on a khaki shirt, but a banner, pillow or table runner will work as well.

Sat. 30th.
Ornament frenzy event. Ornament projects to be determined!

A fun day of painting and eating. Please try to join us.



Tues. 17th.

Board meeting: 6:45
Regular meeting: 7:00

A Halloween Project by Liz Little

Project that will be taught by Liz Little
Pattern is by Sandy LaFlore called: Wiched Photo Clip
You'll want to be sure to not miss this meeting!

Tues. 21st.

Board meeting: 6:45
General meeting: 7:00

Project by DJ West

Tues. 19th.
Our holiday dinner and ornament exchange





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