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Mar. 2017   

 Cathy McC. gets our meeting going
Cathy McC. gets our meeting going!

Trish B. discusses chapter business Jann O. discusses chapter business 
Chapter business is discussed by (from left) Trish B.; and Jann O.

 Merlene discusses seminars 
Merlene R. discusses seminars.

Jann O. shows us a toiletries bag made from a washcloth Jann O. shows us a bag she painted
Jann O. shows us a clever toiletries holder made from a washcloth and one of the bags she painted.

A bag being painted  Darlene S. hard at work on her bag
Here are members painting on their tote bags. (On the right is Darlene S.)

  Liz D. and Lisa S. hard at work Marianne S. and Jann O. working on their bag designs
Liz D. and Lisa S. (left photo) and Marianne S. and Jann O. (right) are all busy on their designs.

 Luci F. working on her bag Marianne S. adding details to her bag designs
Luci F. (left) and Marianne S. (right) working on their bags!

 This month's raffle prize Raffle winner 
Jeanie S. is this month's raffle prize winner. Congrats Jeanie!

We had a wonderful painting day today and we painted tote bags for a worthy cause: Battered Women's Shelter.

Hope to see everyone next month, when we will paint stroke angles on marbles for Kaleidoscope. See Calendar for info!





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